open quote     Feeling those bright minds in the palm of my hand was a magical moment. I had more gratification telling those kids stories than I had doing my most important business deal.    close quote  
Spread the Magic of Storytelling!

With only two part-time staff members and more than 350 volunteers, Spellbinders® is almost entirely volunteer driven. That makes YOU are most valuable asset. Help us spread the word and spread the magic of stories.

Become a Volunteer Spellbinders Storyteller
Anyone can become a storyteller! Let our 4-day workshop show you the storytelling magic inside of you. All Spellbinders storytellers are trained, supported and placed by a Local Chapter.  Click here to locate our exisiting Chapters and connect with the Chapter about upcoming training dates.

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Know someone who would make a great Spellbinder? Know someone who could start a chapter? Know someone who may want a Spellbinder in their classroom, library of senior facility? Tell THEM about US.

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Be a part of this community-building movement by investing in Spellbinders growth.

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